Sharon Morley for sharing this wonderful painting!

 Guy Davis

     "…sounds so deeply drenched in lost Black traditions
    that you feel that they must predate him.  But no,
    they don’t.  He created them."

                                                             --USA Today



Hello to all you fans. Guy really appreciates your support. He asked me to create this page to give all of you a chance to send in comments and to see some of the pictures and comments from other fans. We would love to know who you are and where you are from but if you prefer you can leave the name and email blank and we will be happy to just publish your comments. Please drop us a line in the box below.

(Please direct any business dealings directly to one of the booking agents or to Thom Wolke.)



June 26, 2009

I saw Guy play at a blues workshop ten years ago in kerrville, texas. He completely changed my view of blues guitar and infected me with the fingerpicking bug. Just wanted to say thanks for the inspiration!


June 25, 2009

Why aren't you playing in chichester/blues on the farm this year? very very sad!!


June 22, 2009

hey guy! caught you at the Ohio River Valley fest in 09 and you were great. I'd LOVE to get the Chocolate Man tab and chords


June 16, 2009

Gday Guy

Just wanted to let you know Im getting great feedback about your latest album I think, and the listeners seem to agree that Sweet Hannah is one of the greatest songs ever.

Great stuff



June 14, 2009

I saw Guy this weekend at the Louie Bluie festival,  He was wonderful but I could have listened to him all day & it would not have been enough.  I Love Guy's music.  Thank you from the heart.


June 10, 2009

Saw Guy a few years ago in Aberdeen Scotland and would really love to see the Loneliest Road That I Know added to the sheet music section.


June 6, 2009

Hi Mr. Davis,

When I first heard that amazing voice of yours I was absolutely floored. You definitely have the voice to sing the blues. That is a true gift. I sincerely thought you were some past bluesman I'd just discovered. Imagine my delight when I discovered you were around my age!! W O W!!!!

Thank you most especially for focusing on country blues. So many artists are seduced by Chicago blues and Texas blues. It's together heart warming and exciting to hear someone who's influenced by delta and peidmont. Hallelujah for that!!! It also inspires me to focus more on these important genre's of the blues. I'm a guitar player as well. Without artists like you who stay true to the first blues, no one would know where we're going or where we'd been!

Keep up your awesome music. Thank you Thank you for every, single note!!!

Renee B.

May 6, 2009

I'm a new-comer to Blues and the music of Guy Davs.  I first heard of Guy on of all things Noggin.  Yes, Noggin!  When i first heard the song about the New Shoes it just stuck with me.  I could hear the Blu-sey sound.  Later, I was listening to iTunes's  radio>Chitterling and was able to know Guy's name.  Very distinctive and Terrific.  I bought my first album, oopies,  CD this year.  Very well worth every penny spent.  I got my money's worth thats for sure. 

 I'm thankful for his musical talent. 

 I'm always amazed with musical talent, only because I don't have none, and Guy has it.  Keep up the good work and looking foward to seeing you live on stage.  Coming to central Cali  anytime soon?  You can count on me as a loyal listener.  

 All the Best

April 23, 2009

Great music, Guy! I would like to see transcriptions of Come Back Baby, Cyprus Grove, Driftin' and Driftin', Goin Down Slow and I Believe I'll Lose My Mind. Particularly interested in the slide guitar transcriptions for these songs.

April 18, 2009

Hey Guy - I see you're performing at the Pete Seeger 90th Birthday Benefit Concert. I've been a fan of yours since the late sixties, when, like every other girl at Lincoln Farm camp, I had a major crush on you.  (I've been a fan of Pete Seeger's even longer than that, though, probably since before I could read.)  This will be the first time I get to see you perform live, and I'm really looking forward to it.

April 16, 2009

you've done it again!  "Sweetheart Like You," has to be your best CD yet. The songs that are written by you are great, sure to go down in the blues hall of fame and very original,almost a genre to themselves. And you do "Sweetheart Like You" and "Hootchie Cootchie Man" better than anybody.


March 19, 2009

I have been trying to let everyone know how impressive your latest recording is. The Hoochie Coochie Man is the best rendition ever and all of Davis' original songs are fabulous, especially Sweet Hannah and I know Ms. Dee is proud of Words To My Mama's Song. Go head on, Mr. Davis!


March 11, 2009

Just had to comment on your latest CD, "Sweetheart Like You," it is fabulous!  And your rendition of Hoochie Coochie Man is the best I've ever heard.  Thanks a million for keeping the Blues alive and kickin'.


March 10, 2009

Hi Guy, I was blown away by your "Sweetheart Like You" CD.  Hope Redhouse backs this one, because it should get a Grammy nomination for Blues.  Saw you at the Turning Point, Piermont, NY a few years ago (Levon Helm was drumming for you that night) and liked you then.  Professor Louie guided me back to your music, glad he did.


March 6, 2009

Guy - it was great to see ya on the January Bluescruise, and you'll be back ! ! !  Looking forward to sayinghi to you and your lovely lady.
I am the 'white boy' from Harlem, who spoke with you around the ship - was great and thanks.

peace 'n' music


Feb 25, 2009

Guy, heard you for the first time ever at Odetta's concert last night and was blown away. I love you! Can't wait to get some of your cds and start listening (and singing and dancing along.) Will be following you from now on!

Follow up....right after I sent the last email I saw that you are the offspring of Ruby Dee and Ossie Davis! I worked with your mom Ruby briefly over 10 years ago, she did a reading for me of a play called Beeswax. She was wonderful, an inspiring actor and a lovely, warm woman. It was a great experience.


Feb 25, 2009

Caught your show at New Moon, Haverhill, MA last week; first time I'd seen you live, although I have a lot of your music. The show was great! I just want to make a suggestion for a venue up this way. I think you would like playing at Carol Noonan's Stone Mountain Arts Center (SMAC), Brownfield, ME. This place holds maybe 250-300, sells out almost every show, and has to be one of the nicest places to perform, a beautiful newly built barn with a great view outside large stage windows, super acoustics, dinner offered at most shows, and run by first class people. Check it out if you haven't yet: See who's been there, what it's like, etc. Just a suggestion, but in any event hope you come East fairly often. 

Regards, Ron

Feb 25, 2009

Found your music just recently and wished to thanks you. I enjoy your music.


Feb 15, 2009

I kind of accidentally stumbled into this great music, and play clawhammer style banjo myself and enjoy it when applied to blues. i was wondering if any of the sheet music includes banjo tablature?


Feb 15, 2009

Hello Guy,

How are you felling today ? How is the wife and kids ? That's if there is more that one :-). If you ever have the time, can you call my. I would like to know if you are going to do some shows in N.Y., And if so, when will you have any bookings. Later for now,


Feb 11, 2009

Just discovered the music of  Mr. Davis and I ,am enjoying it on Blues Radio! I can't wait to get cds.


Feb 7, 2009

I am a huge fan of Guy, and was a student of his at the Fur Peace Ranch in (I believe) 2001. Several tears ago I saw him at the Swallow Hill music center in Denver. He performed a song there that was called "In the Midnight Hour" (I assume this to be the title). It was one of the most amazing and breathtakingly lovely songs I have ever heard, but as yet that performance was the one and ONLY time I have had the privilege to hear this stunning piece of music. If there is any way to find this song I would be MOST grateful to know. And Guy if you PERSONALLY see this... I was the one with fingerpicks on all 4 fingers and thumb...remember?


Feb 1, 2009

What great performances on the Blues Cruise this past week.  It was an honor to attempt to play harp with you and Doc Alters in the Piano Bar early one morning. 
All the best with your career.  Come on out to CT. and light up the stage for us.

Jumpin Jim

Feb 1, 2009

My husband and I just returned from the Legendary Rhythm and Blues Cruise. Mr. Davis was an entertainer on the ship. I had not had the pleasure of seeing him perform before that. I know that I will never miss a performance of his again when he is in the area. I love his music, his stories, his personality and his wonderful sense of humor. Thank you Mr. Davis for doing what you do!


Jan 31, 2009

I just heard a song by guy on wgbh in boston and it sounded like there was a mandolin in it - has he recorded songs that include a mandolin?


Jan 26, 2009

i>In the notes to "Step it up & Go" Guy mentions various other versions., "Have you heard John Lee Hooker's "Bottle up & Go?" I enjoyed Rev Lowry's invocation at Obama's inauguration when he echoed Big Bill Broonzy's "Black Brown and White" which echoed Zora's 1932 "Story in Harlem Slang" Wasn't that cool?


Jan 15, 2009

When you come back to the UK in Nov 2009, please come somewher near Chelmsford in Essex. Saw you at The Barn in 2007(?) and loved every second of your set. With regard to any sheet music, may I suggest Let me stay awhile and Sugarbelle Blues - two fabulous songs.

Thanks Barry

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