Guy Davis


     "Guy Davis….a terrific Piedmont blues picker,
    Davis never loses sight of the blues as good time
    music, the original forum for dancing on top of
    one's sorrows."

                                                     --Dave Marsh, Rock Rap Online

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New for 2013!

Guy Davis with Fabrizio Poggi - Juba dance - US Edition


Juba dance

1) Lost again
2) My eyes keep me in trouble
3) Love looks good on you
4) Some cold rainy day
5) See that my grave is kept clean
6) Dance juba dance
7) Black coffee
8) Did you see my baby
9) Satisfied
10) That's no way to get along
11) Saturday blues
12) Prodigal son
13) Statesboro blues


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Click on any of the highlighted (ie. blue lettered) song titles to hear a brief clip of that song.

Guy's CDs can be purchased below using the PayPal shopping cart. Each cd sells for $15.00, with the exception of Guy Davis on Air, an import which is $20.00.  The shipping charge is $3.00 for US destined orders, and $7 each for Canada/overseas orders.


Guy Davis: Fishy Waters

We are excited to announce the release of Guy's 2 CD set, an audio, books-on-tape type version of his acclaimed one-man play. This is his first CD release since 2009's "Sweetheart Like You". This is also Guy's first self-released recording project since his first CD in 1995, "Live", which ultimately was repackaged and became his first recording for Red House Records, "Stomp Down Rider".

Here's your chance to own this amazing collection of Guy's stories and songs performed by his character, "Fishy Waters".


Choose by US or non US



The Adventures of Fishy Waters: In Bed
with the Blues


1) Musical Introduction
2) Ramblin' All Over
3) Railroad Story
4) What's It Like Bein' a Hobo
5) Miss Ripley's Catfish Stew
6) Candy Man
7) The Drunken Silkworm
8) Fly Took Stockings
9) Madison & the Pigs
10) The Farmer & His Eight Sons
11) Black Man's Blues
12) The Lynching
13) Black Man’s Blues pt. 2
14) Black Man Dancing
15) Fast Runner
16) Georgia Rag
17) The One-Legged Grave Robber
18) Close-out Side one music


19) The Story of Fishy Waters / Nobody
Knows the Trouble On My Mind
20) Teacup of Salt
21) Juno Dies / Nobody Knows the Trouble On My Mind
22) Fishy Leaves Home
23) Walkin' Blues
24) Fishy Meets Hobos
25) Good Liquor's Gonna Carry Me Down
26) Meeting Crazy Cat / Going to Nashville
27) Two Drunk Hobos
28) Tchula Buck by Campfire
29) Watch Over Me
30) Hobos Wake Up and Catch Train
31) Closing Tune



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Guy Davis Sweetheart Like You, 2009
Red House Records, Inc..

  1. Sweetheart Like You
  2. Slow Motion Daddy
  3. Follow Me Down
  4. Sweet Hannah
  5. Bring Back Storyville
  6. Words To My Mama's Song
  7. Down South Blues
  8. Hoochie Coochie Man
  9. Steamboats Coming
  10. Can't Be Satisfied
  11. Baby Please Don't Go
  12. Angels Are Calling
  13. Goin' Back To Silver Spring
  14. Ain't Goin' Down         

The album hit the Number 1 position for the month of February on the Folk Charts, Number 18 for three weeks on the Americana Charts, and Number 10 on the European Version of the Americana Charts in Europe.


Guy Davis On Air, 2007
 Tradition & Moderne GmbH in association with Radio Bremen.

  1. Drop Down Mama
  2. When You've Got a Good Friend
  3. Waitin' On The Cards To Fall
  4. Train Story
  5. Driftin Blues
  6. Good Liquor Gonna Carry Me Down
  7. Sweetheart Like You
  8. Back Door Man
  9. Dust My Broom
  10. Loneliest Road That I Know
  11. Limetown
  12. Step It Up And Go
  13. Saturday Blues
  14. Joppatown          

This is a live recording done in Breman, Germany as a Trio with Mark Murphy on bass and Nerek Roth Patterson on electric guitar. 



Red House Records, Inc.

  1. Natural Born Eas' Man
  2. Going Down Slow
  3. The Chocolate Man
  4. It Takes Love to Make a Home
  5. Shaky Pudding
  6. Po' Boy, Great Long Ways Home
  7. Blues in the Midnight Hour
  8. Blackberry Ramble
  9. Fonza Curry
  10. Maggie Campbell Blues
  11. Skunkmellow's Dance of the Chickens
  12. Hooking Bull at the Landing
  13. Shooting Star
  14. Uncle Tom is Dead {Milk 'n' Cookies Remix} (Bonus Track)          

“Downbeat Magazine gave this album a rare 5-star Review, and it was nominated for a “Blues Award” for Best Acoustic Blues Album.



Legacy, 2004
Red House Records, Inc.

  1. Uncle Tom's Dead
  2. Payday
  3. Run Molly Run
  4. Come Back Baby
  5. Rolling in My Sweet Baby's Arms
  6. I just Can't Help Loving You
  7. Drop Down Mama
  8. Things About Coming My Way
  9. Red Goose
  10. Hikin' Jerry
  11. I'm Gone
  12. See See Rider
  13. Long As You Get It Done
  14. Cypress Grove
  15. We All Need More Kindness in This World

"Uncle Tom's Dead" was chosen as one of the best songs of the year by National Public Radio.

In addition to Uncle Tom's Dead being chosen as one of the best songs of the year, "Legacy"  was chosen by NPR as one of the best albums of the year.



Chocolate to the Bone, 2003
Red House Records, Inc.

  1. Limetown
  2. Tell Me Where the Road Is 
  3. Step It Up and Go
  4. I Believe I'll Lose My Mind
  5. Right On Time
  6. Set a Place For Me
  7. Shortnin' Bread
  8. Drifting Blues
  9. Sho 'Nuff Satisfied
  10. Matchbox Blues
  11. Honey Babe
  12. Back Door Man
  13. Railroad Story
  14. Saturday Blues

This album, "Chocolate to the Bone", was nominated for a
W.C. Handy award as “Best Blues Album”.



give in kind, 2002
Red House Records, Inc.

  1. Good Liquor
  2. Loneliest Road That I Know 
  3. Lay Down By My Side
  4. (I Love My Job)
  5. Layla, Layla
  6. I Will Be Your Friend
  7. Honeydew Melon Rag
  8. Six Cold Feet of Ground
  9. Grandma Is Dancing
  10. What you Doin'
  11. Watch Over Me
  12. I Don't Know
  13. Don't You Leave Me Here
  14. (Joppatowne Intro)
  15. Joppatowne
  16. God's Unchanging Hand

The "give in kind" album was nominated for a
W.C. Handy award as “Best Blues Album”.


This album, "Butt Naked Free" was nominated for a
W.C. Handy award as “Best Blues Album”.


"You Don't Know My Mind" was nominated for a
W.C. Handy award as “Best Blues Album”.

“This album was also nominated as Best Traditional Blues Album.


1996.jpg (6711 bytes)

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Call Down The Thunder, 1996
Red House Records, Inc.

  1. Georgia Jelly Roll
  2. I Got the Power
  3. When You Got a Good Friend
  4. Long Train
  5. Run Sinner Run
  6. Mama's Gonna Fix It Right
  7. Jelly Bone Jelly
  8. See Me When You Can
  9. Gee the Mule
  10. Minglewood Blues
  11. Thanksgiving Day
  12. The Road is Calling
  13. New Shoes


1995.jpg (5621 bytes)

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Stomp Down Rider, 1995
Red House Records, Inc.

  1. (I Believe I'll) Dust My Broom
  2. If I Had Possession Over Judgement Day
  3. Intro
  4. Wintertime Blues
  5. Georgia Rag
  6. Intro
  7. Candy Man
  8. Madison & The Pigs
  9. Intro
  10. Stomp Down Rider Variation
    (Ft. Worth & Dallas Blues/Stomp Down Rider)
  11. Intro
  12. Watch Over Me
  13. Intro
  14. Walkin' Blues
  15. Intro
  16. Take Me Back, Babe
  17. Ramblin' All Over

“Stomp Down Rider” made it onto many Top 10 Album of the Year lists including the "Boston Globe" and “Pulse” magazines.


DVD - $ 25.00

US Shipping - $4

Shipping to Canada and eslewhere - $7

Stefan Grossman's Guitar Workshop & Vestapol Videos is proud to present:

The Guitar Artistry of Guy Davis
on DVD

The Guitar Artistry series present the finest of today's fingerstyle guitarists. On his brand new video Guy performs a wide variety of tunes from his repertoire as well as discussing influences on his playing, creativity and songs. Note that this is not an instructional video, though guitars and singers can certainly pick up tips by watching Guy in action.

Think of this video as a way of taking Guy home with you, and having him perform in your living room, or wherever you watch TV.
Titles include: Going Back To Silversprings, Honeybabe, Things About Coming My Way, Come On Sally Hitch A Ride, Tell Me Where The Road Is, As Long As You Get It Done, Honeydew Melon Rag, Saturday Blues, Hooking Bull at the Landing, Georgia Flood, Joppatown, Bring Back Storyville, Watch Over Me and If You Love Somebody




CD and Accompanying Storybook - $ 20.00

Down At The Sea, 2007
The Secret Mountain.

  1. Down at the Sea Hotel (Guy Davis, John Gorka, Eliza Gilkyson, Lucy Kaplansky, Lynn Miles, The Wailin' Jennys)
  2. Midnight Lullaby (Guy Davis)
  3. Dreamland (Lucy Kaplansky)
  4. Barefoot Floors (The Wailin' Jennys)
  5. Midnight in Missoula (Eliza Gilkyson)
  6. Do La Lay (John Gorka)
  7. Little Seahorses (Lynn Miles)
  8. Goodnight My Angel (Lucy Kaplansky)
  9. Annabel (Guy Davis)
  10. Trick Rider (The Wailin' Jennys)
  11. Everybody Cries (Lynn Miles)
  12. Child of Mine (Eliza Gilkyson)
  13. Things We've Handed Down (John Gorka)
  14. Nothing But a Child (Guy Davis, John Gorka, Eliza Gilkyson, Lucy Kaplansky, Lynn Miles, The Wailin' Jennys)       

A part of the proceeds from the sale for this album will be donated to the Breast Cancer Fund.




Guy Davis - Live, 1993
Recorded live in concert, The Music Hall

This album was self-released and later was re-packaged and edited to become the Red House Records release, "Stomp Down Rider".  It is no longer available and a true 'collector's item as only 1,000 CDs and 500 cassettes were pressed.

Cassette Track Listings

1) Tight Like That
2) If I had Possession Over Judgement Day
3) Wintertime Blues
4) Georgia Rag
5) Candy Man
6) Madison & the Pigs
7) Stomp Down Rider Variation
8) Watch Over Me
9) Walkin' Blues
10) Take Me Back

CD Track Listings

1) Dust My Broom
2) Tight Like That
3) If I had Possession ver Judgement Day
4) Wintertime Blues
5) Georgia Rag
6) Candy Man
7) Georgia Buck
8) Madison & The Pigs
9) Stomp Down Rider Variation
10) Watch Over Me
11) Walkin' Blues
12) Take Me Back
13) Ramblin' All Over


To order This CD only click here

Smithsonian Folkways Recordings

Dreams About Life, 1978

  1. Try to Catch the Colors (Mari's Song)
  2. First Day of Spring
  3. Dreams About Life
  4. When I'm Gone
  5. Happy Hair
  6. Never Fart in Front of Company
  7. Message of the River
  8. Wont Be Long Now
  9. Friendly Feet

Check out this website on teaching tolerance to children. Guy's song is the title track to the CD for this fabulous campaign.  You may have seen Alanis Morrisette’s Public Service Announcements about Teaching Tolerance on TV? Your child’s school can request a FREE COPY by contacting the Southern Poverty Law Center.

(Click on icon below to visit the website.)

Teaching Tolerance

Guy Also Appears on the Following Artists' CDs and Compilations

Guy Davis on A Nod To Bob Volume 2 A Nod To Bob 2
Red House Records 2011

Guy's Track:  House of the Rising Sun

Other Artists:  Robin & Linda Williams, Hot Tuna, The Pines, Storyhill, etc.
Spirit and Freedom CD including Guy Davis

Spirit and Freedom
Sultra Sound Records 2010

Other Artists Include:  The Blind Boys of Alabama, Flaco Jimenez, Garth Hudson of "The Band", 
Charlie Musselwhite, and Eric Bibb

Guy's Tracks: 
Stayed on Freedom (also featuring Augie Meyers)
Glory, Glory (also with Augie Meyers and Donnie Price)


Red House @ 25
Red House Records 2008

Guy's Tracks: "Best I Can" - from "You Don't Know My Mind" and "Sho 'Nuff Satisfied" - from "Chocolate to the Bone"

Other Artists Include: Loudon Wainwright III, Lynn Miles, The Wailin’ Jennys, Jimmy LaFave, Eliza Gilkyson, Martin Simpson, Adrian Legg and Jorma Kaukonen


These Times We're Living InA Red House Anthology
Red House Records 2005

Guy's Track: "We All Need More Kindness In This World" - from "Legacy"                 

Other Artists Include:  The Wailin' Jennys, Jimmy LaFave, Ray Bonneville, David Francey, Bill Staines


Friends by Eric Bibb
Telarc  2004

Guy's track: "99½ Won't Do" - recorded for project

Other Artists Include: Odetta, Mamadou Diabate, Djelimady Toukara


At This Stage: 30 Years at the Wheatland Music Festival
Wtene Music  2004

Guy's track: "Home-Cooked Meal" - recorded live for project

Other Artists Include:  The Mammals, Robin & Linda Williams and their Fine Group, Johnny Gimble and Texas Swing, Tim & Mollie O'Brien with Jerry Douglas, Dewey Balfa, Dixie Hummingbirds


Sing Along With Putumayo
Putumayo World Music  2004

Guy's track: "I Will Be Your Friend" - recorded for project

Other Artists Include:  Rhonda Vincent, Rufus Thomas, Rosie Flores, Dan Zanes and Friends


Small Town News by Amy Fradon
Amy Fradon  2002

Guy's tracks: "Hambone" and "Nevessa" - recorded for project


The Blues Tribute To the Grateful Dead
Cmh Records  2001

Guy's track: "Little Red Rooster" - recorded for project

Other Artists Include:  Michael Hill, Langhorne Slim, Amy Helm, Anders Osborne, Charles Butler


Labour of Love - The Music of Nick Lowe
Telarc Records  2001

Guy's track: "Soulful Wind" - recorded for project

Other Artists Include:  Tom Petty, Dar Williams, Marshall Crenshaw, Elvis Costello


Live at the World Cafe Volume 12
World Cafe Records  2001

Guy's track:  "Waiting On the Cards to Fall" - recorded live in studio

Other Artists Include:  Martin Sexton, Joe Jackson, Ian Anderson, Warren Zevon


Down the Dirt Road - The Songs of Charley Patton  
Telarc Records 2001

Guy's track: "Some of These Days" - recorded for project

Other Artists Include:  Graham Parker, Charlie Musselwhite, Joe Louis Walker


Folk Scene Collection Volume III    
Red House  2001

Guy's track: "See Me When You Can" - recorded live in studio

Other Artists Include:  Jackson Browne, Loreena McKennitt, Kate Wolf, Janis Ian


Nod To Bob - An Artists' Tribute To Bob Dylan      
Red House  2001

Guy's track:  "Sweetheart Like You" - recorded for project

Other Artists Include:  Eliza Gilkyson, Suzy & Maggie Roche, John Gorka


Screamin' and Hollerin' the Blues       
Shanachie Records  2000

Guy's track: "Motherless Children" - recorded for project

Other Artists Include:  John Hammond, Duke Robillard, Eric Bibb, Paul Geremia


Dealin' With the Devil - Songs of Robert Johnson       
Cannonball Records  2000

Guy's track: "Stones In My Passway" - recorded for project

Other Artists Include:  Kenny Neal, Eddie Kirkland, Debbie Davies, Pinetop Perkins
Every Road I Take - The Best of Contemporary Acoustic Blues        
Shanachie  1999

Guy's track:  "Georgia Jelly Roll" - from "Call Down the Thunder"

Other Artists Include:  Alvin Youngblood Hart, Keb' Mo', R.L. Burnside, Corey Harris

Mali to Memphis - An African American OdysseyPutumayo Records  1999

Guy's track:  "You Don't Know My Mind" - from album

Other Artists Include:  Habib Koite, John Lee Hooker, Rokia Traore, Muddy Waters

Where Have All the Flowers Gone - The Songs of Pete Seeger              
Appleseed Recordings  1998

Guy's track:  "False From True" - recorded for project

Other Artists Include:  Ani DiFranco, Bruce Springsteen, Indigo Girls, Bonnie Raitt
Root Awakening - An Ear-Opening Roots Music Sampler              
Red House Records 1998

Guy's track: "Best I Can" - from "You Don't Know My Mind"

Other Artists Include:  Spider John Koerner, Dave Alvin, Martin Simpson, Hart-Rouge
Habits of the Heart               
Acoustic Artists Series (Acoustic Guitar Magazine) 1998

Guy's track: "If You Love Somebody" - from "You Don't Know My Mind"

Other Artists Include: Dan Bern, Laura Love, Merle Travis, Chris Whiteley, Jim Croce

House On Fire (Volume 2) - An Urban Folk Collection 
Red House Records 1997

Guy's track: "Long Train" - from "Call Down the Thunder"

Other Artists Include:  Greg Brown, Lucy Kaplansky, Archie Fisher, Jack Elliott
Voices: A Contemporary Choral Collection              
Windham Hill Records 1996

Guy's track:  "Interlude #2 (Grass Roots)"  - Recorded for project

Other Artists Include:  The Northwest Girl's Choir, The St. Olaf Choir, The Moses Hogan Chorale, The Philadelphia Chamber Ensemble
Greenwich Village Folk Festival 1989 - 1990                      
Gadfly Records  1991

Guy's track:  "Walking Blues" (live)

Other Artists Include:  Dave Van Ronk, Cliff Eberhardt, Tom Paxton, Frank Christian

Cover drawn by Andy Breckman (creator of the hit TV series, "Monk").

Guy's Songs Performed by Others Appear on the Following CDs and Compilations
We Are The Boat
Pomfret (CT) Community School Students Sing for the Students Caught in Hurricane Katrina
Independent Music Distribution 2006
Guy's Track:  The 2nd grade recorded Guy's song - "I Will Be Your Friend"
If You're Not Goin' Far
Kentucky T. Dutchersmith and the Rubber Band
Independent Music Distribution 2006
Guy's Track:  "We All Need More Kindness In This World"

Bakelite Radio Volume III

Head Records (Australia) 2005
The Bakelite Boys
Cover of Guy's Song:  Sugarbelle Blue


Guy Also Appears on the Following Videos, Films & Television Shows

Bill Wyman's Blues Odyssey
Umbrella Entertainment Video 2002
Guy's role:  "Performer"
Other Artists: Bill Wyman, B.B. King, Sam Phillips, Buddy Guy, Taj Majal, Mick Fleetwood and others.
Trimark Home Video 2001
Guy's role: "Bluesman"
Campbell Scott directs this psychological movie starring Dennis Leary and Hope Davis. Guy's song, "Watch Over Me" is used in the ending credit role. Guy put all his acting abilities to the test by portraying a bluesman performing in a nightclub.
Hellhounds On My Trail: The Afterlife of Robert Johnson
WinStar  2000
Guy's track: "Walking Blues"
Other Artists: Bob Weir & Rob Wasserman, Keb' Mo', Robert Lockwood, Joe Louis Walker & Billy Branch, Sonny Landreth, Chris Whitley, G. Love & Special Sauce, Tracy Nelson, Marcia Ball & Irma Thomas, Alvin Youngblood Hart, Gov't Mule, David Honeyboy Edwards, Rory Block, Roy Rogers, Henry Townsend, Billy Hector Band, Bill Morrissey, Peter Green & Nigel Watson
Beat Street
Orion Picture Corporation  1984
Guy's role:  "Kenny"
"Beat Street is the highly acclaimed, proud spirited movie/musical of the breakdancing phenomenon. Produced by consummate entertainer, Harry Belafonte and veteran film producer, David Picker." (Orion Pictures, 1984)   Guy co-stars with Rae Dawn Chong in this groundbreaking film.
One Life To Live  1968 - Present
Guy's role:  "Dr. Joshua 'Josh' Hall #3" (1985 - 1986)
Law and Order 1990 - Present
Guest Appearance
Episode:             "American Dream" (episode # 4.8) 
Guy's role:          "Russell Bobbit" (11/9/1993)