Children’s Programming

Having been a hugely successful ‘roster artist’ for a few years back in the early 2010s, Guy Davis continues to be called upon by “Lincoln Center Education” in New York City for whom he does about a dozen programs a year throughout the five boroughs of the city for them.

He has also performed his program coast to coast in the U.S. from the Kennedy Center in Washington, DC to the Getty Center in L.A. and every state in between, and from Perth, Australia to Uummannaq, Greenland, earning him the nickname,“An Ambassador of the Blues”.

Guy’s program is called the “Routes of the Blues”, and with it explores, through the use of storytelling and music (6 & 12-string guitar and harmonica), two prominent styles of the Blues, Mississippi Delta and the Piedmont/East Coast forms.  Incorporating geography, history, and student interaction, Guy takes the children on a fascinating journey, slicing through a part of the American musical landscape.

FTH Guy Davis Study Guide (pdf)

Kennedy Ctr Teachers Kit (pdf)

Blues Journey With Guy Davis Walton Guide (pdf)