“Guy Davis. He’s out of New York, and he’s America’s greatest link to the blues right now.” ~ Windsor Star, Ontario, Canada. July 31, 2015.

Guy had a great time appearing on this informative PBS talk show, “Open Mind”.

Living Blues Magazine - Issue #239

And check out the new review and feature article from No Depression

GUY DAVIS/Kokomo Kidd:  With the acting chops this cat has running through his veins is it any wonder he can sell anything and make it look easy?  A modern, down home acoustic blues set as inspired by his parents as it is Pete Seeger as it is the storytelling tradition, this is a sucker Sunday punch that’ll have you on your back before you know what hit you.  And you won’t even know you were hit.  With Professor Louie and various members of the Crowmatix providing the architecture in the background, this is a great reminder that there’s more to contemporary Woodstock music than the ghost of the Arkansas kid.  This has got to be the best back porch record of this year.  Killer stuff.
Chris Spector
Midwest Record
Lake Zurich, IL